Training & Services:
I do all types of training with all types of dogs.  A few examples would be: Basic and Advanced Obedience training, On &
Off leash Obedience, House Breaking utilizing the Crate Training Method, Boarding services,  Grooming, Personal
Protection, Attack training, Guard dog training, We Locate,Import and Sale dogs,Confidence building, Problem solving
and Behavior modification.  We respect our clients privacy, so a list of references can be provided upon request only.

    Services & Stuff: IK9F
  •                DVD's for sale: You can request to have a Instructional DVD made of your dog
•        All dogs must have vaccination records and must be up to date on all vaccinations
•        Owners must supply dog food for the duration of the training
•        All dogs receive a bath upon arrival and before they leave
•        Programs include:  FREE LESSONS FOR LIFE, Training collar,  Certificate of Graduation, Written instructions
and Commands.
•        Evaluations:  Evaluations are $45.00; All dogs must have a current Evaluation before training.
•        All prices are subject to change based on Evaluation of Dog.
•        Payments:  The balance is due upfront, Method of payment is cash or check upon verification.
•        When choosing a program:  
All problems can be corrected with a basic obedience program.  Basic obedience allows
you to interact more with your dog.  The more obedience training you have; greater the control, discipline and confidence
in the dog.

IK9F Obedience Programs & Commands:

All Programs come with a Guarantee and FREE FOLLOW UP LESSONS.  If you should have any problems with your
dog simply bring them back and we will correct the problem free of charge.  Also, if your dog is required to stay longer
then originally estimated, it will be at no extra charge to you.  You can now purchase/pay for training online using a Credit
Card, it's never been easier. Just pick the program, click the
Buy Now button and follow the instructions. Once you're done,
Just send us an email with your contact information along with the day you would like to drop off your dog.  Once we
receive your email, we'll contact you to confirm.

LEV I :  Heel, AutoSit, No, Free, Come and implied stay. 6 Commands for 5 days. ( $700.00 )

LEV II :  Heel, AutoSit, No, Free, Come, implied stay, Stay, Down from the side, Sit from the side, and Sit in motion.
10 Commands for 10 days.( $ 800.00 )

LEV III :  This is a advanced On-leash Program:  Heel, Autosit, No, Free, Come, implied stay, Stay, Down from the side,
Sit from the side, Sit in motion, Down in motion, Sit from the front, Down from the front, Finish and Military heel. 15
Commands for 26 days.( $ 1,000.00 )

LEV IV :  This is the most advance program I offer. 15 Commands On leash & Off leash for 30 days.
( $ 1,700.00 )

Private Lessons:  Private lessons are one on one sessions,  I show you how to train your own dog.  Sessions run from
30Min's to 40Min's per session. You will receive a block of 5 session covering the basic obedience program, which is 5
commands.   ( $ 475.00 )

Commands for LEV I :

1.  HEEL:  This command is for walking your dog. The dog should be on your left side.
AUTOSIT:  The dog should automatically sit by your left side when you stop. You don't have to say anything.
FREE:  This allows the dog to do whatever they want within 6ft. of the leash. This is a fun command so there
is not correction.
NO:  This is the only negative command given to your dog. You will use it in conjunction with all other
commands except free.
COME: Stand facing the dog, move your arm in a sweeping motion toward your chest saying "Come"
excitedly. The dog should come and sit directly in front of you.
IMPLIED STAY: Dog will hold the last position he was left in for up to a minute. Standing beside your dog
either in the Sit or Down position, step off with your right foot to the end of the leash. There is no voice or hand
signal.   If in the Down position, tug the leash toward the ground saying “No” then add “Down” or give the
leash a tug straight up and add “Sit”.

Commands For LEV II :
Includes all of Program #1 plus the following:

DOWN FROM THE SIDE:  While the dog is sitting at your side lift your hand at the wrist, arm straight,
palm facing the ground, just above the head without touching him say" Down”.
SIT FROM THE SIDE:  While the dog is in the down position by your left side tell him to sit while tapping
your side.
SIT IN MOTION: While you're walking say "Sit”.  Allow two steps for your dog to sit and allow slack in the
leash as you move away: Keep you’re back turned until he sits, then you may turn around.
STAY :  Stay has both voice and hand signal's, stay will hold the dog in the last position for up to two minutes
or until he receives the next command. Standing beside your dog while he is either in the Sit or Down position,
lower your left arm palm facing his nose without touching him, tell him to "Stay" and walk away with your left
foot first, walk to the end of the leash then drop it on the ground.

Commands For LEV III :
Includes all of Program # 2 Plus the following:

DOWN FROM THE FRONT: Standing in front of your dog raise your left arm in a 90degree angle and tell
him to “Down”.
SIT FROM THE FRONT: Standing in front of your dog raise your left arm from the elbow with your palm
facing up waist high; tell him to "Sit".
FINISH: Standing directly in front of your dog move your left arm in a sweeping motion to your right hip,
telling him to “Finish”.  He should move around behind your back and sit on the left side in the Heel position.
MILITARY HEEL: Standing directly in front of the dog make a sweeping motion with your right hand
towards your left hip, telling him to "Heel”.
DOWN IN MOTION: While you are walking tell your dog "Down" and keep walking. Allow slack in your
leash then walk out to the end of the leash.

Out of State Customers:
We can help coordinate the shipping of your dog to our facility for training.  Once the training is done we will send your
dog back along with a detailed instructional video and Demo tape.

Boarding Services:
Boarding Services are $25.00 per day.  All dogs are taken outside twice a day for break time, in addition to 45 minutes
supervised play time. Dogs already obedience trained by The IK9F will be worked on current level of training.

Membership gives you 24/7 support and help for all of your Dog questions. Ask questions and get advice any time of the
day or night.  You can email your questions or call, which ever is more convenient for you.  This is great for Dog owners
that have puppies that are still too young to start formal training but still need advice.  Get the answers you need Now, Our
members do.  Plus, get a free evaluation of your Dog or Puppy. Membership is $125.00 ( One time Fee )

49days/7wks is the time when all the senses start to develop. Eyes, Hearing, Smell. This is a critical period for puppies.

Social period:
7-16wk is the socialization period for puppies.  This is the time expose them to as much as possible like without forcing
them. Examples would be other dogs, people, places, and noises.


2 types of Behavior.
•        Genetic: Breeding, passed along in the Gene Pool, Genetics
•        Learned: Environmental influence, surroundings, observed behavior.

All dogs have one of six personality types:
•        Happy go Lucky
•        Aggressive
•        Shy and/or under socialized
•        Hyper active
•        Fear biter
•        Basket case = Displays multiple personalities

•        Pray drive
•        Defense drive
•        Fight drive
•        Ball drive
•        Hunt search drive
•        Food drive

•        Pack defense
•        Handler defense
•        Object defense
•        Pole or Self defense

In 1942, Hans Tossutti wrote, in his book Companion Dog Training: "Another piece of equipment against which I warn is the plain
choke collar. In order to obtain results with a collar of this type, the guide must pull on the choke to the point of strangling the dog until
he loses his breath. I have seen dogs with necks strained and seriously injured from being trained with choke collars simply because of the
strength that can be exerted when the guide brings the dog up short with a quick, hard jerk. But never have I observed the dog with the
tiniest red mark on his neck from wearing the ordinary training collar."
The "ordinary training collar" Tossutti writes about is the prong collar, an interlocking chain of blunt, metal prongs connected by a loop
of small link chain. This collar, when tightened, evenly applies pressure around the dog's neck. Tossutti viewed the prong collar as "a
well-thought-out, cruelty-preventing device which at the same time assists in systematic training," but felt that the choke collar, "though quite
innocuous in appearance, is an instrument of torture in the hands of the beginner because of its unlimited choke."
Hans Tossutti, one of America's first obedience trainers, would be astonished to know that today, the choke collar is used (and abused)
extensively, while his "ordinary training collar, II the prong collar, is a controversial piece of training equipment that is misunderstood.
To understand how the prong collar (or any collar) works as a stimulus, you must first understand how the dog learns. Briefly, the dog
learns when the advantages and disadvantages of his actions are spelled out in black and white. When the
choice between advantage and disadvantage is clearly defined; the dog is able to make his decision without stress or confusion. Training
difficulties arise when the trainer has not made clear to the dog where his advantage lies. It is the trainer's
responsibility to see that the stimulus, be it inducive or compulsive, is sufficient for the dog to clearly perceive his advantage, which is to
respond to the handler's wishes.
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Protection Training:
Protection training is some of the most intense training anyone can do or be involved in. The
International K9 Foundation LLC takes this training very seriously. Due to the serious nature of
this type of training it’s important to have the most control possible over your dog. I suggest that
you have at least Lev.II Obedience on your dog, thus demonstrating some of the control needed
before starting this type of training. The best time to find out if you have control over your dog is
BEFORE I train your dog to bite. Obedience training will NOT be done on dogs already trained in
protection work.
This type of training is conducted in sessions, training session’s last 35-40mins. Dog owners are
required to be present for training sessions and will assist in the training. This serves as the
owner’s handler’s course, learning how to handle the dog. The number of sessions is directly
related to the level of proficiency the owner may achieve with the dog. The more training
sessions, great the level of proficiency and control. The exact number of session needed to
obtain a level of proficiency cannot be determined up front. The price per session varies
depending on the dog and the amount of training needed to achieve proficiency. A basic level of
proficiency may consist of a Full Mouth Bite after perceiving a possible threat, taking a strong
stance or dominant position meeting the threat and engaging the threat, release of bite off the
The International K9 Foundation LLC is not and will not be responsible or held liable for any
action of the dog. The dog owner assumes any and all responsibility and liability regarding the
action or lack of action of the dog. The owner starts this training fully aware of the potential
dangers surrounding this type of training.
Dog Training, Grooming & Boarding
Dog Training, Grooming & Boarding