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A must Read before getting that New Puppy or Dog!!

Master Trainer and award winning Author of the new book, The Right Dog for Me.
How to select the right dog or puppy, how to raise a puppy including
housebreaking and bad habits.
What do I need to ask the Breeder? What about show dogs, titled dogs and
working dog?
A must read before getting that new puppy or dog.
Easy to read and understand, No fluff…Just the facts.
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If your Vet doesn't carry it, Demand it!

Veterinarians and Whole sellers can email or call for special Whole Sale pricing
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Dog Training, Grooming & Boarding

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    Natchez Pet Adoption and Animal Rescue:
    OBEDIENCE TRAINED DOGS, Ready for a New Home!!

    Our website showcases the temporary residents of the Natchez-Adams County Humane Society, located at 392 Liberty Road,
    Natchez, Mississippi.

    The dilapidated little building houses beautiful and lovable pets that need a good home. When you adopt a pet from the NACHS
    Shelter, you are truly saving a life.

    Please view the pictures often and help us spread the word about the wonderful pets available from the Shelter. Our volunteers try to
    update the listings weekly but due to the high volume of animals dropped off all available animals are not listed. It’s also possible
    that some listed have already been adopted (hooray!!!!).

    Drop by the shelter between 2:00 – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday or
    call (601) 442-4001 for current information on availability of

    This website helps place great animals in great homes, and is dedicated to the memory of those we could not save.

    One of our obedience trained dogs (#1273 a/k/a "Wolfie", now named "Finnwick") went to a great home last
    week.  The lab mix, #213 a/k/a "Daisy", is still available.  Please take a look and pass this information on to
    anyone you know who may be interested.  More pictures of Daisy can be found at

    This level of obedience training helps to make the dog easily controllable, mannerly,  and fun to walk on a leash.  
    Daisy is making the best of things at the shelter, doing better than ever with her walking and obedience work, but
    she is ready to meet her forever family and go home.  Dog trainer Jeff McCall of Summit, MS, who gave Daisy her
    Level I Obedience training, is donating a complimentary lesson to her new owner(s) if they would like a little extra
    help to get them started on the right foot with her.  To schedule a private appointment to see Daisy, contact
    natchezpetadoptions@gmail.com or call Kathy Fitch at (601)303-0672.
    The International K9 Foundation
    Professional & Certified Dog Training Services & BREEDING.
    Services to choose from including Boarding and Grooming.
    Jeff McCall,Summit, Mississippi.
    Blog Page for Questions
    and Comments
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    Dog Training, Grooming & Boarding
    The International K9 Foundation
    Certified & Professional Dog Training & BREEDING Family Home Protection Dogs. Breeding
    Belgian Malinios Dutch Shepherd Puppies.
    Specializing in Basic and Advanced Dog Obedience training,Dog Obedience training
    classes,Behavior Problems,K9 Training,All types of dog training,Problem solving,Puppy
    Training,Housebreaking,Dog Training,Serving Dog Trainers in Mississippi,Dog Training
    Jackson, Ms, Natchez, Ms, and Hattiesburg Ms. We have indoor Kennels with 24/7 service.
    We have Grooming,Boarding,Dog behavior problems,Dog obedience Problems. All types of
    Obedience training for dogs, Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience dog training, Dog
    training Tips, Dog Obedience training classes, Housebreaking your dog, Puppy training, dog
    training advice. You can find Obedience training for dogs, dog training, dog obedience
    training in Jackson Mississippi, dog obedience dog training in Natchez Mississippi, dog
    obedience training in Hattiesburg Mississippi, dog trainer in Gulfport Mississippi, dog
    obedience training in Biloxi Mississippi, Boarding Kennels and Grooming. I do dog training
    for all types of dogs and dog breeds. I do all types of training. German Shepherd puppies for
    sale. Puppies for sale.
    Professional & Certified Dog Training and Breeding
    Basic & Advanced Obedience, Behavior Modification and
    Problem Solving.  We have many Services to choose from
    including Boarding. Jeff McCall,Summit, Mississippi.
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